Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Stalking

I feel like such a stalker as I'm out and about looking at blogs. However, I have to admit, it's a great time. I'm torn somewhere between motivated and exhausted looking at how much time and energy it has taken some of you to create such amazing sites. :-) I am encouraged that some of you are "just like me" and getting started. Isn't it exciting? Speaking of excited, I can't believe I'm only days away from trying my first giveaway. (See details below & enter starting April 1st!!) The way I see it is you have a REALLY GOOD chance of winning right now. ;-) Happy ALMOST Friday!! It's EAGLE STRUT DAY for us tomorrow! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NO MONKEY BUSINESS NEW Blog Celebration Giveaway!

Nothing says WELCOME to my new blog like a couple of giveaways. I plan to give a total of 6 units away...3 Corners Game Reading Bundles...a 52 page bundle of games that reinforce author's purpose, cause/effect, fact/opinion, main idea/details, & reference skills. GREAT FUN & REVIEW right before testing! Also giving away three 40 page bundled math reviews, featuring my newest game called Bulls-Eye! This handy unit can be played in cooperative groups or in centers and reinforces money, fractions, multiplication, and place value. Also helpful right before testing! View giveaways below. Multiple ways to enter from April 1-15th...See post above!! Good luck! :-)


Teachers Taking Care of Teachers

In light of the recent tornadoes, there is an amazing teacher who has organized a drive for teachers to help other teachers who have lost everything at their school.  Visit her blog and sign up today to donate digital units, tangible items, or simply cards and words of encouragement.  CLICK HERE for site:          Let's pull together and get these teachers taken care of!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Happy Monday after Spring break (yawn, yawn).  Since I'm new to blogging, the first thing I want new followers to do is grab the freebies out of my store.  There are a few, including a new one I added today!
There's no better way to see if you like someone's stuff than trying out the freebies. :-) CLICK HERE TO GRAB FREEBIES IN MY STORE      "Keep hangin"  ..more to come!                                             Always bananas for learning,                                                                                                                     Photobucket

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well, I can't believe spring break is over!  I hope everyone that has already had their break is safely home and ready to go back.  To the future spring breakers:  Have fun and be safe!   I'm diligently working on a new "freebie" for the store.  I hope to have up in the next day or two!                                                    Photobucket



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