Saturday, May 9, 2020


Who knew where we would find ourselves in 2020? At this point in time we are multiple weeks into the pandemic and things have settled into an eery "new norm."  I pick up my groceries in a new way, am working from home, and find myself shopping for cute, new masks to wear in public when I venture out.  Although I find myself wishing for some sense of familiarity, I also find that I'm grateful for things that have transpired during this time of uncertainty.  I have become content with the slowed down pace of what originally felt like a rat race.  I have found time to reflect, pray, and just "be" more often.  I have become more determined to help others in need because I've been able to keep my job throughout this unprecedented time.  I enjoy sitting down for dinners (even setting the table), designated movie nights with my husband, and purposefully calling/texting my kids, parents, brothers, and friends more often to check in.  It's weird...I'm less in control, but feel far more in control of my life than ever.  Being a believer, I don't know exactly what the future holds, but I know who holds it. 

When the Coronavirus initially made its way into my immediate circumstances, I began to write about how when all this passed, I simply wanted to have a changed heart.  So...I'm hoping this finds you thinking about what positives have resulted in all the negatives, and in what ways we can all do our part to be BETTER. 

Bananas for seeing the good in all the bad,


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