Saturday, December 7, 2013

Turn on the Lights...Laser Lights Giveaway!

It's one of my very favorite times of the year.  Lights in the park, lights on the tree, lights on the house, and lights in the classroom!!  Light up your walls with some Holiday Text Feature identification practice.  With so many different types of text features embedded in informational text, students often get confused on which feature does what, what the purpose of the feature is, and what it looks like.  This new activity is an engaging game where students match the name of the feature to it's definition, as well as to an image that displays what the feature might look like. It can be done whole group, in centers, in cooperative teams, or individually. There's even a text feature reflection sheet.  Students get practice with a necessary skill AND you can "string them up" to light up your classroom with a colorful, holiday display.   Click on image above to grab!   

How much fun can you have this time of year (AND YEAR ROUND) with these LED finger laser lights?  The elastic strap slides over your finger for easy use.  They come in four bright colors:  blue, green, red, and white.  I found them on Amazon (40 pk) for $7.00.  Imagine sitting at your guided reading table having your students track print with these.  How about locating evidence in the text, or pointing out the problem and solution?  I'm thinking there are LOTS of possibilities!  So let's have some FUN with them!  Leave a comment with a suggested educational use for the LED lights in your classroom to share with other teachers.  I'll put the first 10 suggestions in a hat, draw ONE out, and I'll SEND YOU an Amazon gift card for $15.00 to get a set of your own!  That should even cover the shipping cost!  Rules are quick and easy:  
1.)  One entry per person! 
2.)  Share only one idea so lots of teachers can participate!
2.)  Email address must accompany your suggestion (so I know where to send the gift card!)

Bananas for those silly, little things that make me smile and say, "My students would LOVE this!"   Happy Holidays, friends! 


Karyn said...

We like to use them to find words that follow specific phonics patterns that we are studying. The kids will do anything to use them! :-)

Angela@TheTeachersDesk6 said...

These lights would be SOOOOO much fun to use! I can think of multiple ways to incorporate them into my classroom. One way would be to use them would be with task cards. Project the task card for the class to see; use the laser light to highlight the response.

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Suzy Q said...

These would be a hit with my boys! How about using them to 'highlight' specific vocabulary words in the text?

tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Megan Horman said...

These would be fun to use with vocabulary words that are on the board. I could give a definition and see which one can highlight the word that it should be. They can also use it when they are reading a story to "point" to the words as we go.

frog first said...

The students could use these to read the room to review sight words and vocabulary! How fun!

Mrs. Brown said...

I definitely could see these being a hit in my room. During guided groups, my students could use them to find the sounds we are highlighting that day in words or sight words. I sure would love to get some for my kids to use!

Markisha said...

These would be great to highlight evidence of where students find the answers to their reading questions.

susan said...

I think my little one's would love to use to "highlight" tens and ones. It would make them feel like the teacher!

Lori Raines said...

I would use these to play games with my word wall words!

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