Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Big 500 Giveaway

Can you believe it?  I made it to 500 followers! YIPPEEE!   This calls for a celebration!  You know me, I like my themes and I like things simple!  So here's the drill! The theme will be in 5's (in honor of my 500!)    The winner gets all 5 of the following:  

1.)   $50.00 TpT gift certificate (Yep!!! 50 buckaroos to spend JUST IN TIME for some back to school shopping)

2.)  5 things from my TpT or TN store (Your choice!  Anything goes!)

3.)  5 items from 5 of my bloggy friends with great stuff in their stores!  

A.  Nicole from Teaching with Blonde Ambition   Nicole is giving away her 45 Reading Response Sheets unit.  WOW!  This item is LOADED with incredible graphic organizers and goodies!  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/45-Reading-Response-Sheets-for-Common-Core-Standards

B.  Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle is giving away one ITEM OF CHOICE from her incredible TpT store!  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Katie-King-Queen-of-the-First-Grade-Jungle/

C.  Lisa from Learning is Something to Treasure is giving away her Kids of Character pack, which is perfect for those new students you're about to get!  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Kids-of-Character-Character-Education-for-Every-Week-of-the-School-Year

Kimberly from Love of Teaching is giving away one ITEM OF CHOICE from her growing TpT store! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/For-The-Love-Of-Teaching

Pamela from Teaching 4 Real is giving away a Rounding to Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands Sorting Activity, which is Common Core aligned!  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Rounding-to-Tens-Hundreds-Thousands-Sorting-Activity

4.)  a $15.00 Starbucks gift card (Who DOESN'T need to grab a coffee or two, or three, on that first week back to school?!)

5.)  5 Free "Shout Outs" through social media  (I can either blog about a post you've done, PIN something for you, tweet about an item, Facebook post for you, etc.)  Anything to help you promote your store, blog, items, freebies, etc.  (Who doesn't love free traffic?)

The giveaway will be done through Rafflecopter, because I HEART Rafflecopter it's easy and Rafflecopter does all the work for me!  :-)  There are lots of ways to enter!  So come help me celebrate!  

Bananas for all 500+ of ya'! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Chrissy said...

5 non-teaching things I've done/will do...
1. saw Brad Paisley in concert
2. spent a day in Orange County with a good friend and her 3 sweet kids
3. will go to Idaho for a music festival
4. will go to Yellowstone
5. I'm working with my husband on his plans to open a small restaurant

Congrats on your 500 followers!
First Grade Found Me

Jennifer K. said...

Hmm 5 fun non-teaching things I've done?

1. Attended a marriage retreat at the fabulous Gaylord Texas Resort - gorgeous hotel with a fun waterpark!
2. Went to the "beach" with my kiddos - it's actually just a little lake, but the kids love it!
3. Slept in and read books practically every day!
4. Went to the Castaway Cove down in TX with the family - we had a blast!
5. Spent time snuggling with my youngest two, watching Max & Ruby and arguing about which one is nicer lol!

Hmm not much to make anyone jealous, but I loved it :)

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

ashleythurston said...

great giveaway!!!
1. tennis lessons
2. Wisconsin lakehouse
3. my lakehouse
4. decorated my home
5. slept in and got in shape

Katie Smith said...

So excited about your giveaway!
1. Slept in!
2. Went to Jersey Boys and Addams Family in Denver
3. Found some amazing new restaurants and went to a secret speakeasy (it had a secret entrance through a fake bookcase and everything!)
4. Made the yummiest sangria recipe from Pinterest and drank it with my teacher girlfriends
5. Figured out Vistaprint and blogged stalked amazing teachers

I Want to be a Super Teacher

Stephanie said...

1) Went to the beach and the mountains
2) Spent lots of time with my 9 month old niece!
3) Read all the books that I wanted to read
4) Slept in :-D
5) Bought a new car

Miss Melissa said...

1. Pop's in Arcadia, OK
2. Camp counselor
3. Ice cream in a bag wirt little cousins.
4. Apartment hunt
5. Rest of time was school related.

meghan said...

1. Kenny Chesney/ Tim McGraw!
2. Spent more time with my family!
3. Turned 1 year older & 1 year wiser!
4. Sleep in! Woo Hoo!
5. Didn't happen yet, but I'm redecorating my apartment in the coming weeks!

Pretty sure these aren't going to make anyone jealous. There's always next summer, LOL!

Third Grade in the First State

Katie said...

5 non teaching things I've done.
1. Took a girls trip with my daughter, friend and her daughter to Corpus
2. Ripped up the carpet in my hallway!
3. Watched my 5 year old learn to swim.
4. Went to my 10th year of cheer camp (as a coach)
5. Slept in, slept in, slept in!

I know, not a summer to write about, but it is the first summer that my family and I have actually been home the entire summer. So we have enjoyed a nice relaxing summer!

Sandra said...

1. Spend time with my baby girl!
2. Swam
3. Shopped
4. Relaxed
5. Cleaned... YUK!

❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Mrs. Payton said...

Went to a Bachelorette Party, Went to a Wedding, Swimming with my Kids, My Kids' birthday parties, and going to the movies. (Nothing too exciting!) This looks like an amazing giveaway! Would love to win :)

Becky said...

This summer I:
Went on a mini shopping spree for new clothes, swimming and sleeping in, catching up on all my tv shows, mini vacation in NH, and got a massage

Lesson plans & Lattes

Angie said...

1. Disney World
2. Beach
3. Cleaning/organizing house
4. Sleeping
5. Pool

larcher0411 said...


1. Beach
2. Pool
3. Camping
4. Sleep late with my kiddos
5. Boating

Michelle said...

Wow! Some summer fun has taken place! I see lots of SLEEPING up there! :-) ME TOO!

Sam Kelly said...

1. Got Married
2. Honeymooned in Riviera Maya
3. Got another Dog
4. Bought a New Car
5. Bachelorette Party (1st time at a casino!)

Elizabeth said...

1. Got a Porch Bed Swing
2. Went to the River a lot
3. Bought a New Vehicle
4. Bought an iPad
5. Got organized

Sheree Peterson said...

1. repelled off a 50 ft cliff
2. swam in Lake Powell
3. went camping with the family
4. got a pedicure twice
5. had a backyard camp out with the whole family
BTW Great giveaway!
Sheree Peterson

Lindsay Oles said...

1. Starting running (feels great!)
2. Went to visit my home in NY for 3 weeks (was great to be with family)
3. Vacationed in Florida with my husband
4. Made enough money planning a big wedding in July so that I do not have to wait tables!
5. Planned a Disney Princess 3rd Birthday Party for my sweet little girl, Addyson (I can't believe she is going to be 3!)

Great giveaway...starbucks flows in my blood stream! My kids at school used to say they had starbucks on speed dial in case I needed a coffee to cheer me up.

Visit me: www.ifyougiveateacheratreat.blogspot.com


Simple in Second said...

1. spent time at lake with friends & family
2. went to Kiawah - fav place ever
3. visiting family in Atlanta
4. read 4 non teaching books
5. started some home pinterest projects

Great giveaway! Congrats!
Simple In Second

Hodgesgal said...

1. Dentist trips for myself and 2 of my kids
2. Annual "women's check up" (oh, I know you are jealous)
3. Read the 50 shades trilogy three times, yes, THREE (don't judge me)
4. bought a new flat screen tv

Hodges Herald

Annah said...

Congrats on the 500 and thanks for a chance at this awesome giveaway! I am a first year teacher and new to the blogging community. Follow my blog to as I get ready to start this incredible journey! http://firstgradesensei.blogspot.com/

Annah said...

1. visit my family in the US after spending the year in Japan.
2. eat all of my favorite Louisiana foods!
3. Visit NYC for the first time and take my kids to explore Washington DC.
4. Watch my niece lose her first baby tooth
5. Fly back to Japan to begin getting ready for my first full school year of teaching!

Lita Lita said...

1. visiting family.
2. doing lots of cleaning.
3. A trip to the beach.
4. Read lots of books.
5. Going shopping for myself, not for the classroom... yet. :)

Yvonnee said...

Congrats!! 1- relaxing 2- travelling 3-visiting the doctor 4- shopping 5- time w/ friends and family


Kelley Dolling said...

1. I went to the Las Vegas Blogger Meet Up
2. We spent 2 weekends playing in San Fran
3. Bought a new leather couch (it's on order)
4. Slept in (well . . . until 6:30-7 . . . but, that's pretty good)
5. Was at home most days around noon so that I could have lunch with the hubs!

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Lori said...

1. stay up late
2. read, read, read
3. visit my family
4. go out to lunch with friends
5. sleep in (no alarm clock!)

Andi Gardner said...

1. Went to the beach for a week
2. Got a lot of rest and slept in!
3. Several fun play dates for my 13 month old.
4. Bought a few new clothing items! (haven't done this since I bought my maternity clothes)
5. Spent every day hanging out with my baby - something I don't get to do during the school year.

Mommy, Teacher, & So Much More

Mrs. Hoang said...

No much:(
1. Orange Beach, Alabama
2. F.W. Museum
3. Community pool
4. Slept in till 10am most mornings
5. Read over 30 non-school books!

Rachel said...

I. Watched the NBA finals.
2. Watched Wimbledon.
3. Slept late, woke up late.
4. Played with my children
5. Watching the Olympics:)

I think I am watching too much TV, but I am enjoying it!

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

1. slept late
2. taken naps (usually early riser so I love getting to crawl back in bed with my son still sleeping!)
3. searched Internet for great deals
4. went to the beach
5. went shopping for clothes!

Nothing much, but I have loved every single day of it! LOL

Heather said...

1. celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary
2. lots of swimming and some beach time
3. saw a friend I hadn't seen in over a year
4. currently watching the Olympics
5. going kayaking/ canoeing next week

Heather (heathernnance@yahoo.com)

Pauline Watson said...

Congrats on achieving 500 followers!
Five fun things I've done this summer are:
1)Spent 4 days at the National Cadillac Show in St. Augustine
2) Toured the Daytona 500 racetrack
3)Went to Baltimore, Hershey, and Philadelphia with my daughters
4) Spent a week on the Oasis of the Seas- climbing Duns River Falls and competing in the Best of the Best at the Flowrider competition (came in a close second) were highlights
5) Came in 2nd in my age group at an International distance triathlon in Key Biscayne last weekend

Sad that the summer is almost over!

Pauline Watson said...

Michelle, I just shared your link on FB, but when I try to enter the give a shout out part of the entries it just tells me "Aw, shucks. We didn't get your entry". Do you know what I need do differently? Thanks.

aclark said...

1. got a job
2. shopped with mom
3. packed
4. moved
5. bride's maid in my best friends wedding


mcoop1125 said...

1. I went with my family to all of the MLB All Star Events including the game here in KC.
2. I bought a laminator and used it bunches!
3. I'm getting a new air conditioner system (as we speak/type/read)...ugh...expensive:-(
4. I spent lots of time at the pool with family.
5. Getting ready to move 2 kids back to college...missing them already!

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

I've done so much this summer! Traveled to Colorado, paddle boarded, beach days, went sky diving, went to the Keys, redid a bathroom, and turned 30!!

Andrea said...

What a different summer for me! No beach, but we went all the way from Virginia to Oklahoma and back. I saw Graceland and took my kids up in the St. Louis Arch. Went to Richmond's Science Museum. Read some great "me" books! Spent some quality time with my children.

Congratulations on 500!
Reading Toward the Stars!

Miss T said...

1. I worked at a summer market.
2. I've been to several bbqs and get togethers.
3.I'll be going to the beach next week.
4. I'm going to a bbq competition.
5. I've read a lot of books this summer!
Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Mission Control said...

1. Florida vacation for 1 week with 3 girlfriends, no hubbies, no kids
2. Florida vacation for another week all by myself
3. Florida vacation for another week with hubby
4. read a lot of books
5. met a lot of new bloggers

stephanie said...

How fun and congratulations!

1. Stand Up Paddle boarding!
2. Took our dog camping for his first time!
3. Play a weekly trivia game with friends, we keep getting second place.
4. Yoga everyday for a month.
5. Drive to Virginia to see my cousins during their high school graduation week.

Just Wild About Teaching said...

this summer has been a blast...ive been spending most of my days either at the beach, pool or shopping!! ahhhhh love summer =) great giveaway

Just Wild About Teaching

Janine said...

1. College road trip with my youngest baby!
2. Week long trip to Orlando with the family.
3. Watching every episode of SYTYCD and Big Brother.
4. Pinning (which is not work related, I think..)
5. Talking on the phone with my BFF, like we were teenagers.


Anonymous said...

My 5 Awesome Summer Things I've Done:
1) Celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary next week -- free dinner from my reception hall!
2) Going to Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh to see a ball game at their MLB home fields!
3) Going to Dyersville, Iowa to see the set of The Field of Dreams!
4) Became best friends with the ticket booth attendant at our new, local $2 movie theatre.
5) Going to VA Beach to check out the American Music Festival!

Ms. Patterson said...

Summer List

* travel a lot - I have been on 4 mini vacays
* Sleep in
*Wear PJS all day long
*Went to MLK center in Atlanta
*Go to see Dolphin Tales the show


Pocket Full of Kinders

Shuna P

Crayons and Curls said...

Congrats on 500 followers! :)
1. Went to Italy with my Dad and sisters!
2. Learned to make real Italian tortellini!
3. Went to lake and read lots of books!
4. Went to pool and getting a tan!
5. Stayed in Pj's most days and played with my kids!
Crayons and Curls

Sara Soucy said...

1. Went to Hawaii on my honeymoon!
2. Planned a 50th birthday party for my dad!
3. Helped build a deck for our new house!
4. Learned to surf (in HI)!
5. Helped my sister plan her wedding!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 500 followers
1. Went to Vegas (did not come home a winner)
2. Went to Wyoming for 7 days to visit relatives.
3. Slept in.
4. Took care of grandogs 3 times.
5. Learned to can salsa.

Cindy said...

5 fun things..... Hmmmm......
1. Worked on cleaning basement.
2. Moved daughter home from college.
3. Moved daughter to apartment for new job in new town.
4. Will be moving my youngest to college.
5. Did get some shopping in....... :o)


YearntoLearn said...

My summer 5
Had a relaxing mountain vacation
Went fishing out on a boat
Read tons of books
Spent lots of time with my dog (he's spoiled)
Enjoyed time with family


Versana Polidore said...

I reorganized a closet
Knocked down a book stack
Slept in a number of days
Tried some new recipes
And smiled a whole lot!

Patti said...

Stayed up late
Slept in
Spoiled the dogs
Spent time with friends and family
Lost 5 pounds!

Primary Pizzazz

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Get ready to be jealous!! (hehehe)
1) Blogged a lot
2) Went to Legoland
3) Slept in!
4) Hung out with my boy!
5) Swam


Kimmie said...

This summer I went to the beach, followed oddles of blogs, read SO many "for pleasure" books, caught up on my DVR'd shows, and got to actually have lunch with friends:)

Amelia said...

5 non-teaching things: rescued a homeless cat, rafted the Merimack River in Missouri, traveled to Los Angeles for a friend's wedding, picked lots and lots of blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans from our garden, have EATEN lots of blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans from our garden


Michelle said...

A few of you got new vehicles...I did too!!! :-) LOTS of Vegas trips! I love reading that so many of you got to spend time with some family! SO IMPORTANT! :-) Congrats on the upcoming weddings! I forgot to mention my 5 so will throw them in here now!
1.) Visited many colleges with my son who will graduate in 2013. (WHERE were all those STARBUCKS on campus when I was in school? Gee!
2.) Got some BEACH time in!
3.) Remodeled our guest bedroom (hardly fun and certainly won't make anybody jealous!)
4.) Spent a week with our friends from Ireland in the mountains!
5.) Took my daughter to her FIRST concert (along with 20,000 other screaming teenage girls) to see ONE DIRECTION

Amanda Madden said...

Congrats on 500, Michelle! This summer I have 1) went to the beach, 2) seen Aerosmith in concert, 3) seen Lady Antebellum in concert, 3) had pajama days, 4) read some books for PLEASURE, and 5) started BLOGGING! :)

Teaching Maddeness

Miss VerSteeg said...

Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!!!

1) visited my brother for a weekend
2) went to see Ice Age with my nephew
3) read lots of fluff books
4) slept-in a time or two ;)
5) had a girls' weekend with my mom involving lots of shopping and fun restaurants

Cathy VerSteeg

Suzy Q said...

1. homemade coffee ice cream 2. dark chocolate sauce (for that delicious ice cream!) 3. going through every single item in my closet and weeding out A LOT! 4. sitting & talking for hours with my oldest/dearest friend from college 5. finding tons of books from my wishlist at the local thrift shop!

Lacie Brown said...

5 Fun Non-Teaching Things I Have Done This Summer:
1) I got to hang out with my 2 year old son ALL summer!
2) I went to Myrtle Beach with my whole family for ONE WHOLE WEEK!
3) I went to see Magic Mike!!
4) I went to Pigeon Forge with my hubby for our 3 year anniversary!
5) I have gone swimming with my family a TON this summer!

Lacie Brown :)

Sara said...

Congrats, Michelle! Five things I did this summer that weren't teaching related....

1) Went to Rosemary Beach, Florida
2) Followed that up by going to the Bahamas on a cruise!
3) Graduated college in June :)
4) I'm going to be going to North Carolina in a few weeks for the weekend to see boyfriend (if that counts...)
5) I went shopping for a new wardrobe at NY&Co, the one store I go to besides Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby!

Happy 500+ followers and thank you for an awesome giveaway!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Lisa said...

1. I played with my boys.
2. We went to the zoo.
3. We visited family.
4. I did some much needed shopping at outlet stores.
5. I got some SLEEP!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on 500+ followers! It must feel great to be so appreciated.

5 Non-working things I have done...
1. Attended many of my daughters in house plays that she orchestrated on her own.
2. Spring cleaned the house.
3. Spent quality time with my best friend before she had to move far away. :(
4. Started on the path to gluten free cooking.
5. Started my husband on a new physical therapy routine.
Not as exciting as the rest of ya but there's always next year.
Carpe Diem

Lulu82 said...

My five things I have gotten to do this summer:

1. Spend precious time with my boys! My youngest is going to Kinder next year, so this was precious time to me :)

2. Went to Rosemary Beach, Fl. for a nice ten day vacation!

3. Caught up on my reading!

4. Took wonderful naps.

5. Started Insanity work out. Let's see how long this lasts :)



rachel said...

I had a great summer! After much stress I finally landed a job at my dream school and I get to work with some wonderful teachers and friends! So my summer consisted of the following FUN adventures:

1) A trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas!!
2) Turned ole' the dirty 30!! (Not so bad because my hubby surprised me with a new car!!)
3) Wonderful rafting/spa weekend in NC with some teacher friends!!
4) OBX trip with some great friends (first trip and I am sure will not be our last!)
5) Last but no least..I CANNOT begin to describe how FUN it has been planning and getting excited about my new classroom and my awesome 4th grade class. I am really looking forward to this year!!

Blessings and good luck to all :)


lcusick said...

1. Traveled to Vegas with my husband and another couple!
2. Went on vacation to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg
3. Went to Miranda Lambert concert with my 4 yr old daughter!
4. Spent a week at the beach


Beth Shavelson said...

Five things...took an airboat ride in the Everglades, went roller skating a rink I haven't been to since a kid, lots of shopping, hads lots of lunches with friends I haven't seen in a while and went to the beach

Heather said...

1. Beach
2. Pool
3. Brevard Zoo
4. Lowry Park Zoo
5. Swim lesson with my daughter


Erin LaMay said...

1. SLEPT IN! This is huge for me!
2. Rented out my house.
3. Bought a second house. (we move in two weeks!)
4. Road trip with my husband and daughter.
5. Lunch with friends that I don't get to see during the school year.


SoupGirl said...

I haven't done near as much fun stuff as I had planned this summer! My first summer off after my first year teaching, and it flew by!

1. Floated on the pool!
2. Slept in every day!
3. Spent a week with family from out of state!
4. Volunteered at the Community Outreach Center!
5. Watched all 5 seasons of Chuck!

Brianne said...

1. Went to the beach!
2. BBQ's!
3. Celebrated my Dad's bday and him being cancer free!!
4. Went to four baby showers!!
5. Lunch with old college friends!!

Meredith Gilbert said...

Not too many non-school things to share! I am usually a big time traveler, but I became a home owner in May, so traveling funds went elsewhere;-)
1. Beach
2. Landscaped the front of my house
3. Beach
4. Caught up with friends and family visiting from out of town
5. Beach

Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

susan said...

1. Beach Bum!
2. Played
3. Pinned
4. Pinned more
5. Loved every minute of vacation!

Jackie said...

Great giveaway! Congrats on your growing blog!

This summer I've spent a lot of time on the boat, gone swimming, gone tubing at the lake, spent evenings with my husband without a stack of papers to grade, and watched The Early Show and The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee!


Third Grade's A Charm

Lisa Cain said...

This summer I have:
-spent 3 weeks with my parents in the great state
-visited with my son on leave from the Navy
-went to Schlitterbahn (a water park)
-crafted with my niece, a fellow teacher
-visited with friends from my childhood

Inside this Book said...

Congratulations on 500 followers! What an accomplishment!

This summer, I have:
~seen numerous musicals. Theater is my thing!
~read at least 20 books for pleasure and professional development. What a luxury!
~visited with my nieces. Love those girls!
~started my blog. I know it's school related, but I wouldn't have had time to figure it all out if it wasn't summer.
~took a trip to WV to visit family!

Inside this Book

Tamara said...

Congratulations! Here is my 5:

1. Spent every day just being a mommy to my little boy.
2. Go to the beach at least once a week.
3. Go Grocery shopping whenever I want instead of being pressured to do it on the weekend.
4. Not set my alarm clock once!
5. Went to Busch Gardens 3 times.

FourthGrade Flipper said...

Awesome giveaway!!
1. Spend time with my two kiddos (2 and 5 years)
2. Take naps when my kids nap:)
3. Will go to Cooks Forest and stay in a cabin for a week (can't wait)
4. Wee woozles and aquasize at local pool 2x a week
5. Hang out with my mom more!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Amy Rider said...

1. LOVED all of the extra time with my children!!
2. Spent 10 days on the beaches of Marco Island.
3. Enjoyed several naps.
4. Celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday... pinkalicious style.
5. Enjoyed many fun things around town with my children: the zoo, King's Island, Nature Center, parks, Reds' games... etc.


Holly said...

1. I got to stay at the beach for free! :)
2. I was able to go swimming twice a week (and get paid for it).
3. I was able to sleep in!!!
4. I went to an ice cream factory.
5. I also went on a "pirate adventure".

Diane Hubacz said...

1. My Family Tree was accepted as "First Families of Ohio"! Big Deal for me!
2. Visited Washington D. C. and Mt. Vernon
3. spent 2 weeks with my aunt and Godmother while getting her ready to move out of her house and into a Sr. apt.
4. New landscaping around our pool!
5. Filing out college applications with my son.

Teaching with Moxie

Kelly said...

1. Went to Lake Tahoe with some family we hadn't seen in forever!

2. Took the boys to baseball camp

3. Went to a baseball game.

4. Got to spend a lot of time with my boys!

5. Went to the water park.

forkin4th said...

1. Lounged in the backyard pool
2. Became an obsessive pinner
3. Went on a San Diego beach vacay
4. Started my TpT store and made $70 my 1st month
5. Spent quality time with family & chihuahuas!

Antonia @ forkin4th

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I.... went to Myrtle Beach, met my bloggy bestie, went to a blogger meet-up, went to a Yankees game, and had a BBQ with all my friends. :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Vicky Hunt said...

WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I hope I win...:) Thanks for doing it...:)I really haven't done much this summer and you certainly won't be jealous! I did a LOT of cleaning & organizing....closets, etc. I went to Tallahassee where my daughter lives a couple times to visit her. We had a blast! I have been creating tons of new things for my new classroom too. Lots of yard sale & thrift store visits which I love! No vacations this summer, but next year will be a cruise!

Keep Calm & Imagine

Keys4Education said...

I went to the mountains for a day trip, traveled to La., drove across 7 states, spent sometime with my mom, and slept! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail. com

Miss Foote said...

1. Kept up with my book a day challenge.
2. Spent a weekend watching Dodgers play Mariners @ Safeco....epic!
3. Stayed with my aunt...by the pool for two weeks.
4. Floated (repeatedly) on the Clackamas River.
5. Played downtown and went to Powell's City of Books.

Chickadee Jubilee

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