Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spotlight Saturday & Giveaway Ending Soon

Happy LAST "official" Saturday before I go back full time next week.  The back to school feel is in the air, huh?  The shelves are lined up with school supplies, the stores are lined up with clothing on sale, and teachers are scrambling in their classrooms to get their rooms ready!  My own kids start getting "bored"...a sure sign it's time!
Hopefully you can grab a few new freebies to add to your collection!  Check these out!
Mary @ Guided Math has some Math Word Wall Posters for you!   She has some for 2-D shapes, Flips, Slides, and Turns, Angles, Lines, Length,Edge, Face, Vertex, etc.  ALL free!  So if you're looking for some helpful math posters with great visuals, click on the images to grab.  They're even conveniently located in ONE spot.  Either image will get you there.

Need some quick and easy assessment strategies for your classroom? Visit Jennifer's blog called Runde's Room to get the scoop on the "Glow and Grow" strategy.  You'll need some yellow and green highlighters for students to show areas where they have "grown" or succeeded, and areas where they need some additional work.  This is a really cool self assessment tool for students to evaluate their own learning.  
I really love the Traffic LIght Comprehension Strategy she has available too!  It allows students to SAFELY let you know how they're doing on a project, assignment, worksheet, or whatever.  They simply mark their work with a green, yellow, or red dot as a private indicator for the teacher to view.  What a safe way for students to say "I NEED HELP with this or this was HARD for me."  You can easily sort papers into groups for some quick reteaching!  You can click either image to take you to her blog for a quick explanation and link to the freebies!  ENJOY!

Finally, don't forget to enter my 500+ giveaway celebration if you haven't. Click celebration image!  There's only a couple of days left!  THANK YOU so much for your support and encouragement!  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments.  You all have been BUSY this summer!  Enjoy what's left of it!

Bananas for back to school routines for my family, but NOT SO BANANAS for summer coming to a close.  How about you?


Lindsay said...

I am not so bananas about not being able to sleep in and do whatever I want, but I am excited for a new year! I also start on Monday!!! Ahhh! Have a great first week back! :)

A Teacher Without a Class said...

I love your glow grow chart! I found your through Fancy Free in Fourth's giveaway--I am your newest follower. I would love to have you drop by my blog and visit.

Kinderaffe said...

Wow! Just what I needed. Going back to Kindergarten and have been thinking about how to make these! Love the link to the math posters.

Thank you.

Sara @

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