Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today I'm reflecting on all the FIRSTS that have happened in the last several months.  There's something special about all the FIRSTS in your life, don't ya' think?  Hesitantly, not having a clue what to expect,  I opened my TpT store in November of 2011.  I remember jumping (literally, not figuratively) up & down when I sold my FIRST product! I remember my FIRST follower!  I won't forget my FIRST piece of advice from a great seller.  I am thankful for my friend, Kim (,  who was the FIRST person I talked into joining me on TpT! I started my FIRST blog this past week, and finally decided to have my FIRST giveaway which started TODAY! (Scroll below to No Monkey Business New Blog Celebration Giveaway post) What are some of your "FIRSTS" that make you smile when you think about them?   :-)  I'd love to hear about them...                                                                                                                             Photobucket


Kimberly said...

I remember the first time that I sold something on TPT and how excited you were for me. It was like you had sold that item! I am thankful to have you as a friend and mentor through all this.

Susan Hardin said...

I am giving you two the One Lovely Blogger Award. Go to my blog and get it.
3rd Grade Grapevine

Jackie said...

I just uploaded my first items to my new TPT store! I've had a couple of downloads on one of my free items which was exciting to me, so I'll probably be jumping for joy if I sale something too!


Third Grade's A Charm

Molly said...

Hi Michelle!!

Yes, firsts are definitely exciting! I am hoping to create my first item to actually sell on TPT this week since I am on spring break! Fingers crossed! Congrats on starting a blog and all of your fabulous firsts recently! I am a new follower!

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