Monday, April 16, 2012


Nothing like a week's worth of graphing!  I'm so excited to post this unit in my TpT & TN store, as I've been working on it for weeks!  I finally got to try it out on my class and they give their FULL APPROVAL!  :-)  They truly loved making the class graphs and couldn't wait to see what graph we'd do next.  Instead of "Good morning Mrs. Harper,"  I was greeted with, "What graph are we doing today?"  They especially liked the application piece where THEY THEMSELVES got to go around the room collecting data for their own graph.  This unit follows the "I do" (teacher modeling) "We do" (class together) & "You Do" (now you try) style.  It's my new favorite!   Click to view it on TpT!                               GRAPHS GALORE                                 Photobucket


Kimberly said...

I am in LOVE with the chubby animals! Looks great. Keep up all the hard work!

Michelle said...

Ha! You sound like my students....I think they picked the elephant as their favorite because he was so ROUND. :-) They just giggled & giggled. I still have to go investigate the matching monkey at Target!

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