Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's Get Creative with Writing Freebie

My personal opinion is that third grade is an interesting grade to teach Writing.  They're old enough that you expect them to eventually start putting out some decent paragraphs, but they're young enough that they don't necessarily want to.  I found out a few years ago (like with anything else), the more creative I could get with writing tasks, the more interested they became.  Hoping to share one of those ways!  SHAPE WRITING!  It's a little unconventional and not something you can do all the time, or you'll have kids that don't ever learn how to use their notebook paper properly...AND the fourth grade teachers will say ugly things about you!  (Say it with me..."Holes on the left and open space at the top.") 

BUT, these are great fun, totally motivating, and yes, a little "artsy."  You can use these with everything from fictional narratives to poetry to expository text!  Here's how it works:  You create a "frame" (I have several patterns in the freebie packet), place it over plain white paper, lock in place, and students write around the outside edges of the frame.  When they lift up their frame, VOILA'! They have some writing in a cool shape!  They're favorite part is adding the details.  These make for a quick, easy, and CUTE bulletin board too!  :-)  Look at some of the examples, download the FREEBIE (click on Shape Writing image for download link) and let me know how it goes this year!  :-)  

I'll leave you hanging with something to look forward to next week!  A bunch of bloggers and I will have a blog hop ready to go on June 30th, where we are 'Guest Posting' for each other.  Should be fun...Rumor has it there will be lots of incredible topics, several freebies, and some great ideas for your classroom!  Stay tuned!

Bananas for fun writing and things to look forward to (including my picnic lunch on the lake today!)


Katie said...

I love that writing!! I still remember doing one when I was in elementary school with a dolphin :) so much fun!

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Storie said...

I have always taught shape poems, but your work has inspired me to use it with paragraphs or short stories, too. Thank you!!!
Stories by Storie

Stephanie said...

The more "unconventional" it is, the more the kids tend to by in. I love this idea!!

❤- Stephanie
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Andrea said...

Third grade is an interesting year to teach writing. I did it for 8 years. You are so right, that they don't "want" to, so making it fun is important. I never thought they remembered what I taught them until I moved to fourth grade with them. They remembered everything plus more! Thanks for the fun!

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Ashley Benoit said...

Great Freebie!I shouted out to you at www.teacherstreasurechest.blogspot.com


Rebecca said...

I love these! And, I love that they are artsy! Thanks for sharing! Love your cute blog!
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2nd Grade Teacher and Learner said...

I have also done shape poems, but now I can extend my lesson because of your clever idea.

kilgosclass said...

Thanks for sharing! I teach concrete poetry every year and my kids are fascinated by it, but always a little held back by the fact that they might not be able to draw what they want to write about. Thanks for the freebie.
Here's a link to a post I made with one of my student's poems:

Fern Smith said...

What a terrific freebie! I am going back to self-contained next year and can really use this!!
Thank you for sharing this at TBA and linking up!
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Kate said...

I LOVE this idea! I have some things I my site you may like so stop by and grab them. Oh and be sure to join. I'm doing a giveaway very soon!

Heather's Heart said...

I love this! My brain is spinning with ideas right now! =)

I love your blog! =)

Heather's Heart

Patti Wilson said...

So creative! I am so happy to have found your blog!! This will be my first year teaching 3rd grade, used to teach 4th Math, and I have been looking for ELA ideas.

I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful ideas!
Stop by and explore my blog.

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