Saturday, June 9, 2012

Three S's...Summer Spotlight Saturday

Happy Saturday blogging world!  Let's shine the sunny spotlight on a few more freebies out there!  That little file folder on my desk is growing! It's filling up with "to print and file"  stuff when I get back to school.  Here's hoping I can add to yours:

Teach syllables?  Heidi @ My (Not So) Elementary Life has a syllable practice for you.  The freebie comes with 9 cards and a recording sheet packaged in a cute beach/summer theme.  The thing I like most about this one is that it can be adapted to fit the needs of younger and older elementary students.  It's marked K-2, but I know personally my third graders need practice with syllables.  I can see putting the recording sheet in a center and using academic vocabulary, reading vocabulary, and/or spelling words with it!  You can grab this freebie at Heidi's TpT store.  Click on picture for a direct link.

Jen @ The Teacher's Cauldron has the next freebie up for grabs.  It's a Summer Sentence Scramble out of her Beach Time unit!  It's a word scramble where students put them in the correct order to form a complete sentence. Great for youngers with word recognition and beginning reading skills, and great for my third graders since we start off the year in Language working on sentences vs. fragments, and identifying subjects and predicates.  Jen has a lot of great free stuff in her store, so while you're there be sure to BROWSE!  

Finally, take a peek at one of Lisa's goodies from Learning is Something to Treasure's store.  This one caught my eye because it involves a step by step process for putting a good paragraph together. The clipart is adorable and it's geared for grades 1-3.  And yes, it's a BEACH theme.  *It IS SUMMER TIME ya' know!  SPECIAL NOTE about Lisa's store:  Everything in it is FREE!  Yes, that's what I said.  She has all 10 items in there free for the taking! 

With my choices of freebies today, you can tell where my mind is, huh?  The BEACH!  I'm longing to get my toes in the sand,catch a few waves, and eat some delicious seafood!  Today, I'll have to settle for my toes in the flower bed, a bath afterwards, and a BLT for lunch!  :-)      

Today is the last day to enter my 100+ follower giveaway celebration!  I'm looking forward to that visit to Rafflecopter for the 2 winners!  (Each get 10 items from my store!)  Enter HERE!

Bananas for a beach I won't get to today, but will soon!


Heidi said...

Thanks so much for featuring my freebie :) I would love to hit the beach...I have never been there and my mind and body is saying I MUST get there :)

Have a great weekend!
My (Not So) Elementary Life

Lisa R. said...

Thank you for the spotlight!! It made my day!! :) Hope you make it to the beach soon!!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

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