Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spotlight Saturday, a Giveaway, & No Air Conditioning

Happy Saturday!  I'm excited that I reached another milestone yesterday with my 300 followers!  So jump on in and join the fun in my 300 Follower Celebration Giveaway! Just be prepared to tell us what SUIT you are in a deck of cards!  ;-)  Click image for direct link to enter!

What I'm not so excited about is that my air conditioning went out...on the hottest week of summer so far!  A few hours into the drama, my DIY husband (who I'd like to point out doesn't know anything about AC) is sure he can fix it!!?  Hmmmm...wonder how many hotel points he has accumulated.  I'm sure I can find a room around here somewhere until he gives in and calls a certified AC repairman.  As we say in the south, "Bless his heart."  

I've got some more Top Teachers ready to share their FREE goodies with you!  You know what to do!  Get some great stuff to add to your classroom files and leave these fine teachers some positive feedback.  

Who doesn't love nouns?  Well, at least cute units that help teach them!  At the Thinking Out Loud store, you'll find just that.  This Noun unit is geared for grades K-3 and comes with lesson plans based on Common Core, sort cards, blank cards, a poster, and a recording page.  While you're there, you might as well go ahead and grab the other TONS of FREE things she has available!  Wow!  You'll be amazed!  Add her to your "to follow" list!  

Who's thinking about "Back to School" already?  C'mon, you know you're a teacher!!  At the "Teach 123" store you'll find that Michelle is going to help you get ready!  She has a freebie packet that I plan to have available on parent night for my parent volunteers!  It comes with 6 sign up sheets, a reminder page, and tips for involving parents in your classroom!  She has a ton of stuff in her store, so spend some time browsing while you're there!

The last one today is for all you K teachers!  Jessica has a really cute Trace, Stamp, and Write numbers 1-10 you can add to your unit on numbers!  Of course, I'm a little partial to the adorable monkey on the front cover myself.  :-)  It's perfect for math workstations/centers, group and/or individual practice, as well as interventions.  Jessica is off to a great start on TpT!  Give her a visit! it hot in here?  My thermostat now says 89! (and climbing) 
Bananas for free hotel points!  


Jennifer Tilton said...

Thank you for sharing these great sellers. I am sorry that you have no A/C. I had to have my 1 1/2 year old car towed yesterday because it would not start. The dealer is not sure what is wrong yet, so they gave me a loaner- a Towncar. Oh boy!

Jessica Stanford said...

Awwww thanks Michelle!!!


Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing. The monkey is definitely cute. I do believe I snagged this from Jessica a while back. Going to have to go into my arsenal and check :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Mrs. Cook said...

I am so AMAZED at all of these wonderful teachers who make all these products, especially offering them free! I just started with TPT and it takes a LOT of time to make quality work. . . thank you to all of you who offer such inspiration and creativity to the teaching community! You get mad props from me!
~Kristin Cook
Kristin Cook’s Classroom Blog

sk_tx said...

I just found your blog it is so cute. Diana also custom designed my blog actually twice I have had a makeover. Nice to meet you. Im sheila from Welcome to My Kitchen.

Mechteld Abelli said...

Sorry to hear that your air conditioning went out when you needed it the most. Did your husband fix the unit? Or did you end up calling a repairman? It would have been good for your husband to do it if the problem was just minor, but when things get out of hand, calling an expert to do the job would be more advisable.

@Mechteld Abelli

Darryl Iorio said...

Ahhhh! Time and time again, AC units break down during the hottest days of summer. Well, most of it! Even ours 2 summers ago! Maybe we should start taking extra care for our systems and units and avoid from overusing so that it wouldn't break down during the summer time.

Darryl Iorio

Launce Newlove said...

Sadly, I also experienced the hottest summer week because of a broken AC. That wasn’t nice, right? It was like I was inside a microwave oven, waiting for myself to be cooked and served! It was so nice that my family invited me over, so I stayed with them for some time, while the unit was still being repaired. :)

Launce Newlove

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