Saturday, August 11, 2012

BACK TO SCHOOL BASH (a sale & a prize)

WHEW...who's back at school?  ME!  But as you know, I took a new position as Literacy Coach.  As with any new job there are many hurdles and challenges, but I keep telling people I'm on a learning curve.  I love my new job so far, although I haven't slept much, skipped lunch a day or two, and haven't really needed to go to the gym since I've been running around like a road runner, as well as loading and unloading boxes for days.  (Wait...that sounds just like teaching!!!)
HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL for a lot of us and for those that are getting there!  The BIG Back to School Sale is happening tomorrow and Monday Aug. 12-13th on TpT!  Most teachers are throwing a 20% off sale, and TpT is throwing an additional 8% off of that!  There's NO BETTER TIME to shop on TpT than during these 2 days!  The deals will be amazing!  DON'T FORGET TO USE THE PROMO CODE AT THE TOP TO GET THE FULL 28%!  
I'm putting EVERY SINGLE item in my store on sale for that 28% off!  (Even my Back to School Packs that have been such a big hit!) *I'm up to 12 different themes now! (Sports, Monkeys, Mice, Pirates, Puzzles, Superheroes, Ocean, Owls, Frogs, Bees, Giraffes, and even Rock Stars!) The highlight of my very long day yesterday was when I received a TWEET from a teacher who has the Back to School PIRATE theme pack.  She said her kids had so much fun with the "Cannonball Battle" activity, but unfortunately they had lost a Cannonball in the room somewhere. HA! I've lost a few BANANAS in the Banana Battle too!  :-)

SO...speaking of Back to School FUN...let's have some!  If you leave me a comment GUESSING CORRECTLY what my classroom theme was YEARS AGO before I ever took on the monkeys, I will EMAIL YOU one of the Back to School Packs (YOUR CHOICE) FREE!  :-)
The first person who guesses, gets it!  GOOD LUCK!  

Bananas for some Back to School FUN,


Wendy said...

My guess is an ocean/beach theme.


Suzy Q said...

I am going to guess a farm theme. Fingers crossed...

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Michelle said... superstars! Sorry, friends! DRUM ROLL PLEASE...It was BEES! Before that it was COWBOYS/WESTERN. :-) THANK YOU ALL FOR PLAYING ALONG. If you left me your email, I'm sending you a "thanks for playing" prize! :-)

Shelly said...

Man - that's what I was going to say...."bee"cause it's so cute!


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