Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Spotlight & Memorial Weekend

Is is seriously Saturday again already?  I must have been so into closing out my school year, the week just passed me by.  I will miss this year's class.  I had a super sweet bunch of kiddos.  However, I will not miss getting up at 5:30 a.m.  Who's with me there??
Well, Saturday just means I get to share MORE FREEBIES with ya'!  Can I get a "WOOOHOO?"

Surely I'm not speaking for myself when I say I'm tired of losing my calendar pieces.  It's like socks in the dryer... there's always one or two that go missing.  Grrrr!  
Amanda bailed me out this week with a FREEBIE set of CUTE forest animal calendar pieces. I'm a sucker for adorable clipart, so I've added them to my laminating list.  The great thing about this is  1.) They're FREE   2.)  If I lose any pieces, I can just PRINT them off again!  You can grab them by clicking the image.  Don't forget to say THANKS for her generosity!
My first thought for this next item was prepositions for 1st and 2nd grade?  But, Michelle @ TEACH 123 did it!  She took prepositions and brought it down for 1st and 2nd grade with a cute little ant that students decorate and place ON, INSIDE, BESIDE, UNDER, etc. a jar.  There are a set of preposition flash cards that go with it.  I have downloaded and plan on adapting to meet the needs of my 3rd graders.  I know they can use the flashcards, charades activity, and writing ideas that are mentioned.  Stop by her blog or her store and tell her how much you appreciate it!  

How about one more?  Gillian over @ Nyla's Crafty Teaching has saved you a trip to Walmart for grid paper.  This 15 page freebie has a variety of sizes of grids for those math lessons on symmetry, bar graphs, translations, reflections, rotations, area, and perimeter. (Grades 1-5)  This is a handy .pdf document to keep on your computer and/or in your math files for a quick print if needed!  

I'm already looking forward to next Saturday's freebies. :-)

Hopefully this Memorial Day weekend finds you surrounded with those you love.  This weekend is a little sad for us.  It was one year ago this weekend that we lost my father-in-law to an accident. (He was 79 years old) We miss him terribly, but are comforted in knowing what a tremendous impact he had on the world with his love, generosity, and sweet spirit.  Also, please remember those military personnel that have served, are serving, or will serve this great nation of ours.  Take time to thank a soldier!  

Bananas for quality time with loved ones, freebies that save me time, and SLEEPING IN!  


Michelle said...

You have such a cute blog! I adore the monkeys. I added a link to this post on my Saturday post. Thanks for including my lesson.

Lisa R. said...

Thanks for sharing these freebies with us. My thoughts are with you this weekend... I'm so sorry for your loss.
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Michelle said...

Michelle- Happy to share it! :-) Thanks for the link back!
Lisa-You are welcome. Thanks for your kind words. Ya'll have a good weekend!

Deb Thomas said...

Michelle you have such a cute blog and I don't know why I wasn't following it! I am so glad that I am following you now!

Deb at Fabulously First

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