Saturday, May 12, 2012

Short & Sweet Saturday Spotlight

It's another weekend of Lacrosse for me...Round 2 of the state playoffs.  WOO HOO for my son!  Of course that means more hours on the road for me.  So I'm making this Spotlight Saturday short & sweet before I hit the road for the rest of the weekend.  ENJOY!
Go grab this adorable freebie from FROGGIE WENT A TEACHIN... It's phonogram practice with students brainstorming and naming words that relate to each phonogram.  This 21 page freebie is great for literacy centers and or partner activities within the classroom. (Click Superhero picture for link to download)  This seller also has a fabulous blog that's worth investigating.  You can find her blog here...

Another great freebie you don't want to miss out on is from Teach 123.  She's offering an easy to implement Behavior Incentive System called B.U.G. (Being Unusually Good) **Click B.U.G. picture for link to download.  It comes with instructions and/or suggestions on how to implement, as well as a variety of CUTE bug graphics.  There's even a frog involved (that eats bugs!!)  Teach 123 also has a blog at   
 So off you go...Don't forget to leave these teachers some feedback for their generous freebies.  :-)
Bananas for teachers who graciously GIVE things away, AND LACROSSE playoffs this weekend.  Go Admirals!  


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