Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spotlight Saturday

Hooray for another Spotlight Saturday!  Here's to MORE freebies!  If you're a K-1 teacher, I found these super cool Pencil Hold Flashcards for practice with addition and subtraction facts.  They're not your ordinary flashcards!  Students play in pairs and practice their facts by poking their pencil through a hole and reciting their fact.  The partner facing them will see the correct answer next to where their pencil is poking through. This took some time and creative thinking to create!  Go see them for yourself in Amanada's store!  (Click image for link)
Another freebie you can grab this week is from Arlene's TpT store.  With the push for non-fiction literature, this is a great way to utilize graphic organizers and R/LA skills and connect it to a Science concept.  This 15 page unit gives practice with verbs, KWL chart, writing a paragraph, vocabulary, synonyms, facts, & comprehension of non-fiction.  All this is centered around frogs and toads and is marked for grades 2-3.  (Click image for link)
Ready for another?  Yep...3 freebies up for grabs tonight.  This one comes to you from Heidi @ Raki's Rad Resources.  She put together more than 20 playing card mats that students can use a deck of cards to practice some math skills with!  Mats start out with counting, comparing, ordering #'s, addition and  subtraction, and move into harder concepts for intermediate students with multiplying, dividing, fractions, etc.  GREAT activities for centers.  All you need is the deck of cards!  (Click image for link)

If you're enjoying this feature each Saturday, don't forget to thank the creators who help me bring it to you!  Give these ladies some positive feedback for sharing their goodies with ya'.  I look forward to sharing some more next Saturday!  :-)  Happy Weekend and Happy 5 days of school left for me!  
Bananas for the last week of school,


Miss Nelson said...

5 more days! You're lucky! Thanks for sharing these great finds.

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